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Let's clear some things up

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Are you against religion?

No. We think religion can be a powerful way to connect communities in a positive way.

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Are you against God?

No. Unfortunately, we think the word "God" is a loaded term that has lost its true meaning. If anything, we consider ourselves agnostic/spiritual.

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Are you against the bible?

No. The bible has a lot of cool stories with great morals. However, there are some passages in the bible that are a bit alarming. The sad part is some people like to cling to these passages to justify their questionable actions.

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Are you trying to spread hatred?

Definitely not. A smokin' Scrolls is supposed to bring lightness to such a heavy topic while also illuminating contradictions in a book that we highly regard as a society.

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This is an awful product! How do you sleep at night?

Memory foam mattress does the trick.

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What's your goal? Why are you doing this?

We want to shock people. We want people to talk about the uncomfortable. We want people to realize that an outdated book brings a lot of pain to people. We want to reveal the contradictory and carve out the space for people to ask, "why?" 

And maybe we want to generate some laughs in tandem to all of this because we're all animals on this rotating sphere in a randomly generated theme park.

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Do I have to be over 18 to purchase this product?

Absolutely. To all the minors out there, please don't even try.

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Is this safe to smoke?

Yes! It's FDA approved and the product is made with refined white paper printed with vegetable soy ink.

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